Saturday, September 25, 2010

Goodbye Summer?

It has been several nights that I see sky like this from the back of your yard, it is not that very intense and colorful yet compared to late fall and winter nights, but I am glad to see this kind of sky after a long while. Because of thick marine layer developing in the afternoon that lasts until the next morning, the sun's glow can hardly make any effect on the sky making our summer days the most boring for sunset and sunrise. About 3 weekends ago, what joy it was for me to see the sun setting in the horizon,
something that I have missed for months since the gloomy days of April shower, May gray, June gloom, and where the gloominess extended to July and August. Though summer is my favorite season, but it is probably the most boring time of the year for sunrise and sunset photography in San Diego. It is therefore a joy to see a not so boring sunset after several months, I miss it! However, maybe, summer still lingers since I still do not see pink skies and beautiful sunrise consistently in the morning. Most of the mornings I wake up, I still see the very thick fog that  thankfully gives us mist for our plants to thrive in our very dry summer days. 
Being in a very arid environment, these late evening and morning fogs are a great refuge for our vegetation. Without the fogs, our vegetation would turn too dry and become a ready fuel for wildfire once the Santa Ana winds of fall arrives.The foggy picture above is typical spring and summer mornings in San Diego, and not very typical for fall and winter. So, maybe summer is sticking around in our morning fogs yet slowly bading us goodbye in the evening giving way to a more colorful sunset. But am I ready to say goodbye to summer when it seemed summer just quickly stopped to say "hi" this year?
I took the picture of the leaves above not today, not yesterday, but early August this year. When August is usually the time for me to hit the ocean, enjoying the waves boogie boarding, yet last month, I was hardly at the water. This is probably the year where I went in the water to swim and boogie board the fewest times :( 
Now, this part of the tree has changed its color more than a month now, thankfully, the leaves don't fall and the multi-colored leaves had lingered since summer. Though I miss our good old summer days ( we probably had very few warm days this summer and the El Nino has rendered our water really cold), but I am also looking forward to spring. Yes, spring, not fall, not winter, but SPRING!! How about you, are you ready to say goodbye to summer? 
Oh, today is a very beautiful day, clear blue skies. Though I love fogs, but it has been a long while since I have seen a warm and beautiful blue sky such as today. 
Enjoying a Beautiful Day at Torrey Pines
One of the reasons why I love a clear, beautiful blue sky is that it is easier to observe marine wildlife. Like today, from on top of Torrey Pine cliffs, we saw dolphins swimming. 
Dolphins as Seen from Above Torrey Pines Cliffs
What a joy it was to see them while relaxing after a hike, see them riding and playing with the waves, 
at the same time listen to the wonderful soothing music produced by the waves as they come splashing the land. Life, though how busy it is for me right now, still becomes great with the simple joys from the simple gifts that come our way from being out of the doors. 
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  1. Glad you finally connected with a beautiful sunset.

  2. I love to see a foggy day.

    I see such a beautiful foggy Cerok Tokun when I was driving to work on last Friday, but I missed the fun.

    Can I say goodbye summer in Malaysia?


  3. How fantastic that you could watch the dolphins swim from Torrey Pines Cliffs. I'm ready to say good bye to summer here as it's still too hot for hiking before 8:00am.

  4. it's really time to say goodbye to summer.... technically but the weather here is very much summer. and i am not complaining. though i love the fall... the splash of color. i love your fall leaves photos... great depth of fields.

  5. The photos are so relaxing in the eyes. I love the second picture, it's so serene...

  6. We will still see Summer here in Asia. Love your sunset photo :)

  7. I like the colours of autumn leaves.

  8. ... pink sky at night shepherd's delight...

    Almost all the pictures brought me back memories of times in Western Australia. I miss the brightly coloured maple leaves in the autumn, dolphins in the river and the arid landscape there. However, up here in Queensland we too get heavy fogs that creates visual wonders in the morning. San Diego seems a beautiful place.

    We are heading for summer while you are welcoming winter :)

  9. It's getting cold here where I am, too, Betchai. I love your photos, especially the reddish clouds. They look like the sky is crying, it looks so sad and gloomy. I love fall. I love to see nature as it changes from one season to another. It's such a miracle. :)

  10. even spotted dolphins. How so beautiful. :D

  11. the foggy morning reminds me of december back home. we have our won winter time in our province and that's what i missed most in this consistently hot weather here. :(
    nevertheless, the "hotness" never stops us from exploring forests in the city. we just came back from the hiking trail in Sentosa Island. :)
    glad you had a wonderful hike and beautiful sunset. i must say we get the most boring sunsets here all year round. hehehe!

  12. I'm not ready to say good bye to summer, since winter brings icky snow..What a great post! I enjoy reading it this morning.

    Beautiful photos, Betchai.

  13. Great post! beautiful photos and the message that goes with it.

  14. Betchai, That fog looks like my neighborhood on a daily basis. Love the sky shot in that first photo. What a great series of photos. Though I don't like saying goodbye to Summer, I do love the Autumn season.

  15. The sea creatures are so much fun to watch. Like you, I love the summer, because I can take as many photos of flowers and nature. I can see them better in sunlight. I am just a light person, no fogs for me, except when I want a romantic dinner. Smiles.

  16. whew.....the wonderwoman shots i have always loved....

  17. Dear friend, you live a good life, in a good place. Love the photos, Beth! Like you, I love spring too, but wont mind the crisp air of fall! :) Looking forward to it. :) *hugs*

  18. "Life, though how busy it is for me right now, still becomes great with the simple joys from the simple gifts that come our way from being out of the doors.">>>>> I can totally relate with this, Ms.Betchai. I see we are both lovers of the outdoors :)