Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dreaded haunted trail prep

Guest post written by Myrtle Smith

After I picked my grandson and his friend up from their middle school football practice the other day we drove by a billboard advertising a big haunted trail that’s near where we live. I normally hate scary things, but I took them last year because they wouldn’t stop begging me and the proceeds go to cancer research.

Even though the trail is meant to be a little dark, I didn’t have much trouble maneuvering through the woods while I took them on it. I would have rather not gone but Tim really wanted to go and I didn’t think it would be wise to let an 11-year-old go unsupervised on it.

The worst part about it was that I didn’t ever hear any of the people that were dressed up as monsters until they were right at me. That included the man in the mask with the chainsaw. After we rode by that billboard and I agreed to take them to it again, I looked up miracle ear hearing aid prices and went to a miracle ear center.
I don’t want to give those people a bigger chance at scaring me again this year. Their chances are already too good.
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  1. A haunted trail would be extremely fun! I have had to write about a few fictional haunted trails because there is nothing like that around here. I like going into the forest after dark. I just love the creepiness of it all. It oddly gives me a sense of comfort to be out there all alone.

  2. ha ha ha ha, i would have done the same thing- not letting an 11-year old go unsupervised,

  3. congratulations on this post. wink*

  4. I keep threatening that I would take miss T on one of these, but on second thought, I think I will wait.