Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Health is Wealth

More than two years ago, while in the middle of the desert exploring Amboy Crater National Natural Landmark in Amboy, California,
Spring 2008, Amboy Crater National Natural Landmark, Amboy, CA
my husband complained about pain in foot. Thinking that the pain was caused by his previous injury from tennis, he thought that just resting and taking his pill will take away the pain. We rested early and went to our hotel in Palm Springs with still a lot of daylight ( seldom happens in our trip ), hoping that the next day will be okay since we will simply be sitting most of the time watching the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament. However, the next day he still had pain. We watched tennis a little bit, and for the first time in our years of watching Indian Wells together, we went back to our hotel early enough to rest. The foot pain lingered despite medication. The next day, on our way back to San Diego from Palm Springs, we stopped by Anza Borrego Desert State Park to experience this desert's wonderful spring bloom. 
Spring 2008, Anza Borrego Desert State Park
I noticed however my husband was limping painfully, yet still with a smile and showing that oh-ah-ah on his face appreciating the works of nature in front of him.
Shooting Despite Foot Pain at Font's Point, Anza Borrego Desert State Park
When we reached San Diego, the first thing he did was to call his doctor. Since he has previous history of foot and leg pain from tennis injury, his doctor thought it was just his sports injury that bothered him again only that this time, he may be needing a stronger dose for pain. He was given a pain medication and was advised to rest and not do serious hiking until his foot and leg stabilized. However, despite the new medication, the pain continued and even worsened. I was scared at that point seeing my husband in really terrible pain, saying that he never felt so much pain in his life. My husband went to see the doctor again, and the doctor ruled out this time the sports injury he had before. After blood test, it showed my husband was having an abnormally high uric acid level, and the pain in his foot was caused by GOUT. He then was given different medications. Gout is a disease caused more often by eating red meat, fatty foods and drinking alcohol, however, we do not eat red meat, avoid greasy foods nor drink alcohol. Also, my husband is very health conscious and is very careful about foods. Wanting to really manage well his gout, aside from his doctor's instructions, my husband gathered a lot of information regarding gout and arthritis from various health magazines and websites such as WebMD and Arthritis Today. One thing he learned is the importance of avoiding dehydration. For years, he realized he had been avoiding the use of public restrooms, thus he would carefully limit hydrating himself when playing tennis, mountain biking or hiking. Thus, maybe, he is paying now for this wrong practice, because a slow dehydration extended over a long period of time can result in so many sickness such as gout. Thankfully, gout can be managed by taking his medication, eating mostly vegetables and fruits, and of course, he no longer fears now to go to public restroom thus he drinks as much water whenever we go hiking, so he avoids dehydration. Whenever we take trip now which always involve a great amount of physical activity, we always see to it that we have the best of health to sustain us. Thankfully, we enjoy having good health insurance from both our employers. There are also group health providers for those who have small business to get group health quotes so a peace of mind for everyone can be achieved. Health is Wealth, more than 2 years after that scary gout attack, thankfully, my husband and I are still enjoying hiking the trails and our beautiful world at the backroads. 
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  1. Not just red meat, but foods high in any fat (that includes the good stuff, like lobster :))
    But dehydration and biild up of uric acid will do it everytime!