Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back To Reality

For a few days, I was lost. I was lost in planning for another vacation that will not come soon, but will be for next year's summer vacation. For a while, I could not focus, all my sights and thoughts were with my summer 2011 plan, an Alaska Adventure on land, ice, water and air. I am getting used to plan an itinerary that minimizes the budget yet maximizes the adventure and exploration that makes me dream that maybe someday, I may retire early and be a vacation planner or put up my own tour company that sells vacation packages at a much affordable price. We do not get those vacation packages because they are expensive, imagine, a 7 day tour of Grand Canyon-Zion and Bryce for $2500/person?  It is not only expensive, but I raise my eyebrow as well looking at their itinerary because I believe we covered more hiking adventure and exploration in our own Grand Circle tour at a much lesser price.
from our Grand Circle Exploration
But the dream of putting up my own tour and vacation company stops for now, reality kicks in, and here I am now, blogging :) Yehey, whenever I can bring myself to blog, it means one thing, I am back to reality :) . I am back to enjoying the simple joys in life, such as local hiking, boogie boarding, and yes, blogging. But who knows, maybe, putting up my own tour and vacation company may also happen later? When I retire? Dream big, Betchai. :) Thankfully, I am enjoying my teaching job right now, though teaching has its share of challenges, but I am happy updating myself to keep up with the challenges and turn them into strength. Math and sharing the joys of Math through teaching is still my passion that I do not see leaving soon. So, my reality continues, but once a while, it is good to be lost in a dream as well. Like dreaming summer 2011 be here now :)

While the reality that summer 2011 is still a year from now and am done already with vacation planning for that, now, I am back to checking the local water temperature today ( 66 degree F or 19 degree Celsius) and the surf ( 1- 4ft waves). The water temperature seems to be getting better (or warmer) but the waves are smaller after some days of 4- 7 ft waves. As much as I enjoy riding the waves flat on my boogie board ( I am not brave enough to ride the waves standing on the surf board ),
Boogie Boarding ( Aside from hiking, this is my other outdoor fun in San Diego )
in our recent summer trip to Washington, I found another way of riding the water current that is as fun as riding the waves in the sea, that is riding the white water waves of the river.
White Water Rafting at White Salmon River, Washington ( obviously I did not take this picture since that's me right next to my name )
Having enjoyed immensely the fun of white water rafting, I checked if there is a possibility to do white water rafting as well when I plan for the next vacations. It felt so good being carried  and dropped by the white water of the river, and be washed by the river's cold splash. It is great to know that I can include white water in almost of my planned vacation destinations, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah ( yeah, I will never get tired of Utah!) and Colorado. For most, probably when they thought of Colorado, it is all about the rockies, skiing and snowboarding, but there is more to Colorado than just being a winter wonderland.
Colorado National Monument ( this is not your typical Colorado picture )
Though of course, Colorado is a world class skiing destination, but aside from skiing, Colorado is also a wonderland for mountain bikers, hikers, campers, and white water rafters. Though I have been to Colorado, but I have not explored many of its wonders, and thus I plan to be back there and enjoy the sheer fun of hiking in Colorado's natural wonders. Places in Colorado that is in my list to see, that you can also help me add to it are: Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, and of course, skiing and white water destination such as in Breckenridge, CO.
photo courtesy of vacation rentals Breckenridge
What is great with Breckenridge Property Management is that it is right in between Rocky Mountain National Park and The Great Sand Dunes National Park. It is really in a very strategic place for our kind of vacation which does not stay in one place. Usually staying inside the National Parks is a lot more expensive than outside, and Breckenridge vacation rentals provides a more affordable option.  I always love a vacation in the Southwest, because the places provide a contradiction that blows my mind away, the scenery changes from awe inspiring rocky mountains and winter wonderland to a painted and sculpted desert that seems to transport me back in time. 
Now, I know, whenever I talk about places to explore, I can't stop, just so many places to see and explore, so little time, and yes, so little money :( But I am glad, exploration is the most fun, just here, at home in San Diego, when everything is free! Haha!
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  1. Betchai, first, it's always fun to dream and plan vacations. I think with your experience in hikes your idea is fantastic. Seriously, it's something to think about. Boogie boarding sounds like so much fun and your photos, excellent as always.

  2. Betchai I know lots of people who have gone to Alaska, and they say it is such a beautiful place. I think you would make an awesome travel agent, or guide.

  3. much fun huh your vacation. :D

  4. No matter where in the world I travel, half the joy of it for me is the planning. I worked very hard for my money and raised three sons alone, two of them without child support, so money was always an issue. I found ways to do so much that cost minimally and we learned a lot. Cruising, I could rarely afford the ships tours which were so expensive though, if we were in a place that I could not go ashore unless I did the ship's tour, then I would splure on that and economize other ways.

    I took two of my sons to Taiwan once, for Thanksgiving. It was a great trip. We stayed very reasonably and didn't eat American food once....sometimes, I wasn't sure what we were eating but it all tasted good to us. It helped that all three of my sons were pretty adventuresome and were great travelers who grew up respecting other cultures and have remained so to this day. If I gave them nothing else, I gave them that!

  5. Sistah... I'm praying that your dream will come true. And hoping that I will get real big discount. wink* You will surely be a great travel guide.

  6. I love traveling and adventures so am glad to stumble upon your blog. You know, it's good to dream because our subconscious will help us in working towards that dream. Who knows? you might get it someday soon. Btw, i'll be following your blog coz i like it.

  7. I'm the vacation planner in the family. Alaska is beautiful and cheaper if you take a cruise, but you're pretty much on their schedule. I had looked into doing my own Alaskan tour, but unfortunately, it was way too expensive.

  8. Thanks Jo, Melissa, Tekkaus, Carmen, Ruthi, Marites, and Karen.

    @ Karen, I looked at the Alaskan cruises already, it is a lot cheaper that doing the land tour, but then, what I do not like with it is there is very little exploration since most of the time is in the boat, and there is very little land time for real hiking and a deeper exploration of what AK offers. I guess that is why the vacation packages for land is actually more expensive than cruise, but I find a way to make ours end up cheaper still than the land+air+water exploration packages of AK cheaper, not really by much, but at least, cheaper :)

    Carmen, that's admirable, the adventurous spirit in you allowed you and your sons to taste other country's cuisine.

  9. Betchai, your dream sounds very interesting, and you would be great at it..You have so much to offer, and so many people will benefit from your experiences.

    Wonderful photos Betchai..

  10. I look forward to your business endeavor, I will be your first client. You are a well organized planner. Yes, dream big!

    How was the river rafting? Must be fun and exciting!

    I look forward to your next adventure and well planned vacation!

  11. the pictures are great, i never went whitewater rafting before but your photo looks like you are having a great time there. I agree some of the tour packages are very unaffordable, when we go places, we hardly avail tour packages, I just get a room accomodation and then plan the activities myself.