Thursday, May 27, 2010

In search of pdf files

This is a sponsored guest post written by Ania on behalf of pdf search engine. Post powered by Sponzai.
Living in the century of the technological progress we can hardly imagine a single day of our life without computer and internet... What to do, if you are tired? - to find and download some good film for relaxation. Need someone to talk to? - enter your facebook profile and spend a couple of hours talking to your friends or even people you have never met. Eager to read some good book? - no problems, download it in your favorite format and enjoy the evening reading... But as it often happens, when we want to find some book and/or tutorial, we want it all at once, but unfortunately if searched by Google without good searching skills we may not have enough time for reading, because have wasted too much time on search itself. Let's try to find out how to simplify this process.
Together with million of different more or less useful services nowadays, there are some, which may really be of good avail. One of them will be just a lifesaver if you search for books, tutorials or some other documents in pdf format (which for many people is the most convenient). Sure thing, the search may be provided by Google, but then you will need to sift out many resources that don't suit but are in the first pages of search results. Besides, you will need to compose your search query very attentively so that search results returned you sites with the opportunity of pdf download. If you are not that experienced in google search and would like to save your time, go straight to pdf search engines like . These search engines have been created with the main purpose – search for different pdf files all over the Internet so that when only you input the keyword of the document or the title of the book, you could within a second download the desired file in pdf format.
What do people usually search for in pdf format? The most frequent requests are books and tutorials. Nothing can be simpler: enter the main page of , input the title of the book you are looking for (or the author) and hit “enter” - voilĂ , the search results are pdf files you wanted. Choose the one and download process will start. No registration and payment required.
If you search for some tutorials, just enter the keywords in front of the button “search pdf” and choose the most relevant results as far as your query are concerned. Let's say, you have problems operating Ubuntu and would like to read a bit on the issue, enter something like “how to use ubuntu” or just simply “ubuntu” (you may also concretize your query by adding specific terms to it) and the first search result you will get by will be “Ubuntu Server Guide». Isn't it what you were looking for? ;)
Similar algorithms may be used while searching for other pdf files like essays, articles, summaries, reviews etc. If, for example, you are interested in the history of Germany, enter these keywords and by you will get different documents concerning this very topic: “The Protestant Reformation in German History “, “History of Germany since 1945” or perhaps, you will be interested in “JEWS IN MODERN GERMAN HISTORY”.
As you see, search of pdf files by means of resembles the one of Google with one main crucial difference: this pdf search engine deals only with pdf files and search results, you will be given, will all be pdf files. What you need is just to formulate the query correctly (depending on the type of pdf file you are looking for) and choose the result that suits you the best. That's it! It is really quickly and effectively. Bit of luck and practice in pdf search and you will never get bored while searching for the book to read at leisure.
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