Thursday, April 22, 2010

Help From Auto Loans To Continue Living A Life with No Regrets

He is one of the most financially responsible persons on Earth. He is very careful with money, religiously putting aside at least 30% of his income to his savings. He lives a good and balanced life, with time for spiritual enrichment, family bonding and personal leisure in the middle of his highly achieving career. 

Until one day......

The troubled economy caused his company to lay off a mass of employees, himself included. Not only that, several months later, he found himself in major medical conditions that needed surgery. His hospitalization slowly drained his savings. He was used to being asked for some monetary help from friends, relatives or acquaintances who were going through tough times. Should he follow them? However, he told himself:
"No, I do not have to bother anyone for I do not know what they will be giving up because they could not say no to me. I do not want some of my friends, or some of my family, to give up what may be so precious for them while I still have a car and a house to give up."

Despite having saved a lot of money in the bank, it still was not enough to pay off his hospital bills. In order for him to pay the several thousands left in his hospital bill, he took a secured auto loan on his fully paid 4-year old car. Using his car title, he was thankful he was able to borrow money from an auto loan company similar to Tampa Title Loans. He was thankful that the auto loan company loaned him money based on the actual market value of his car, right on that same day he applied for the loan. This kind of auto loan is very ideal for people who are going through life such as him, and for those who have no credit history or may have bad credit history. They could get money from their auto loan, yet still have their cars to keep. It gave him peace of mind, knowing that:

1. He had cleared all his hospital bills and could continue his medical care.
2. He still has a car to drive ( it was only his car title that was used as collateral).
3.  If worse changes to worst that he would not be able to pay off the loan and keep his car, at least, his car which was used as collateral was appraised at the right market value.

While slowly recuperating from his recent major surgery, instead of whining and being bitter on what happened to him, he still keeps a very positive outlook. He is still very thankful to God for sparing his house and his life, and his car. He would have enough time and chance to pay off his auto loan from the income he generates from the new skill he has learned.

He smiled, there is just so much to be thanked for. He may be starting anew now, but he has peace of mind. These life's twists and turns for him are still blessings of bringing out the best in him in maybe another way. He is full of hopes for a very beautiful tomorrow. He has deep happiness, peacefulness and contentment. His auto loan has helped him go through the toughest times, but he know he will strike higher, anew. He has lived A Life of No Regrets, and will continue to do so.
"Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end - no apologies, no regrets." - Henry A. Kissinger 
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  1. OMG! me tao pa bang ganito ngayon? lahat ata kakilala ko they don't want to sacrifice caprices nor cut down their unnecessary spending during tough times. nangungutang nalang just to keep up with the lifestyle.

  2. I like your story sis. There's a moral to it. I think we should all consider to be frugal in many ways and only buy things when we really need to not because we want to. I can learn a lesson from here as well. Thanks for sharing.

    Ria C

  3. I feel guilty reading your story sis. I realized, every person becomes rich if he count his blessings.

  4. I'm glad I have a husband like that who works hard to save for the rainy days. This would be a great inspiration to many to work their way to a debt-free life.

  5. I always tell my kids that they might not have the things that other kids have but we are rich in love at home. I just wish that I could be debt-free now hehehe, that would certainly be a peace of mind.

  6. Wow! a very inspiring story. I may not experienced what he is on today but still, the bottom line is be grateful to what God has given you. Pagyamanin mo ang meron ka and God will always be true to His promises.

  7. This is an inspiring story,Betchai. Good thing he is smart to make that good decision and not keeping up with the Jones and Joneses. Same here we are DEBT FREE but we have NO HOUSE, we sold our house after my hubby got transfer in other State, we have no regrets. We can afford a house but we try not to because of my husband job, we don't know where we going next year.

  8. very inspiring story Beth, thanks for sharing. if there is someone i look up to about religiously saving for the rainy days, it's Mond.

  9. what a very eye-opener story...very inspiring!

  10. I agree, not to be very attached to gadgets and the trends today, if you can afford why not but try hard to save also.

  11. Glad to have the same man in my life. Securing our money is more of securing our future. I like his principle of not bothering anyone to help him because he don't know what is 'that person' giving up to help him. At some point in my life, I live with that notion. I'm delighted to know that during trial times, my family and friends are all hands to help me.

  12. A very inspiring saga it is, Te BEtchai. I wonder who this man is. It pays off to live a simple life and not feigning riches by spending off money lavishly to life's luxuries. He made clever decisions and he is a person worth emulating. Hats off to this man!

  13. thanks for sharing this very inspiring story...:) this is something that everyone should learn about life...hope more people can read this and be inspired!