Friday, March 26, 2010

Traveling on a Budget

My idea of a vacation is always spending time with nature, hiking and seeing our beautiful world at the backroads. My travel goals at present is to explore and experience all the 58 National Parks in US before exploring the National Parks in other countries. 

This summer, we are planning to explore the National Parks in the Pacific Northwest. We plan to fly to Seattle and then fly back to San Diego from Portland. Before booking flights, hotels and rental cars, I always look for the best rate plus coupons to use so we can have further savings. Some airline companies provide promotion codes like the Southwest airlines promotion code that you enter when you book to get a discounted fare.

Even with hotels, we can find promotional codes to use. Travel companies online such as  Travelocity also offers Travelocity promo code. Using coupons always help make the travel budget lighter allowing for a greater savings. Whatever money we save from travel, I usually save it for the rainy days. Especially that I am new in this country, I know I still have many years to catch up to build my retirement savings so that I can retire happily, peacefully, and so I can explore more our beautiful world at the backroads.
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  1. I don't believe in paying full price if we can help it..Discount and coupons are always good for our pockets..

    Thanks for the info.

  2. Betchai, when I travel I am always outdoors. I like exploring and I always travel on a budget. Coupons and discounts are always part of my travel plans.