Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun Friday: R is for River

Fun Friday or Fun Saturday? Every Friday, our Blogging for Fun group does an A-Z meme, and this week, we are doing letter R.
R is for River.
The Colorado River @ Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona

I grew up close to the river, and the river for me is always a source of joy. The river then when I was growing up was always a place we can go to after school and recreate. Well, maybe nothing has changed a lot, since today, we actually hiked at San Diego River Canyon and had to cross the San Diego River to Cedar Creek Falls. However, this post is not about our hike today, which I will probably share later, but rather, this Blogging For Fun post is focused on one mighty river that carved so many interesting landscapes in North America, the Mighty Colorado River.
The Mighty Colorado River Behind Me, Page, Arizona

The Colorado River is the source of water of most of American Southwest. The States of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah all depend on the Colorado River and its tributaries for water. However, the life that the Colorado River brings is probably enjoyed all over US and some parts of the world through agricultural crops from these States. 
These Lemons from California are watered by Colorado River
The headwaters of the Colorado River are located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. From an altitude of 9,010 feet, the Colorado River begins its flow Southwestward toward the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. 

Gazing down Colorado River @ Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah
The depth of Colorado River varies from 6 ft to 90 ft, the rapids are the shallow sections, and the calm sections the deepest parts. The Colorado River has helped carved many of the Southwest's interesting landscapes, such as:
1. Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, in Moab, Utah
Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah
Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park are located in Moab, Utah. Here, the Colorado River winds it way down from Rocky Mountain National Park toward Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon to the Sea of Cortez. At Canyonlands, the Colorado River has carved the Earth so ruggedly unique with a precision of a scalpel. 
Carvings of Colorado River @ Canyonlands National Park 
( the small blue strip afar amongst the red rocks is the Colorado River)
2. The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Colorado River Snaking Its Way @ Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
The Colorado River has cut deep through rocks that are billions of years old, which created the depth of the Grand Canyon. If the Colorado River carved the Earth so ruggedly with a precision of a scalpel at Canyonlands, here at the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River showed its gentleness and subtlety when carving this canyon. 
These unusually shaped and strikingly colorful rock formations attesting to millions and billions of years of geologic time are some of the most well known features of the ancient lands of the Southwest where the Colorado River snakes through before heading to the Pacific Ocean.
“Follow the river and you will find the sea” -French Proverb Quotes
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  1. Superb! I am wondering how did those arches are formed ...

  2. Awww.beautiful landscape. Those lemons are very yummy aye. :p

  3. Love the lemons. I can't wait to see green leaves again. Can't really wait for spring. It would be nice to be able to see new life again.

  4. This is one beautiful road trip to consider. The colors of the rocks are calling my name. Your photos are just magnificent. It feels so great to inhale and exhale at the top of the elevation, shout and hear my echo!

    P.S. We did cover a lot during our 3-day trip; did a lot of hiking and even drove to Scotty's castle even though the roads were under repair. We are thinking of going back in mid March.

  5. The river has some excellent scenery to flow through, just as it must have created much of it.

  6. Your rivers are so different from ours. They all give life, but we have so much greenery around, while yours just seem to carry the water somewhere else.

  7. Definitely one of the natural wonders of the world, and I want to go there so bad. I was just at Tes' blog telling her how we just watched a show about how the Grand Canyon was made. It was fascinating, and amazing. Beautiful pictures as always.

  8. Terrific post, Betchai! Enjoyed seeing all of your views of the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon and arches.

  9. Beautiful pictures, betchai, and I like the information also.

    Hope things are going well with school and work.

  10. I love that shot of Delicate Arch. So desert and red rock, but snow covered peaks in the background. Great one.

  11. I love to see you in the photos Betchai, you always look so refreshed and having so much fun. Spectacular shots.

  12. What beautiful vistas. I have never been to the southwest US so I always find photos fascinating.

  13. Superb shots Ms. Betchai! Napapawow talaga ako!

    Thanks for 'taking us' there. Have a great start of the week.

  14. Love the first picture betchai! Are you using fish eye lens for that?

  15. Do you ever run out of beautiful pictures? I don't think have found so many angles of beauty in the places you visited it's amazing!

  16. Betchai i am so glad i didnt miss this post. such beauty. i cant comment much bcos i am like the provincial frog under the coconut shell the more i comment the more obvious it gets but i enjoyed the pics immensely

  17. A river travels all the way from top of a mountain to the sea. It goes from small to big, and tells us stories through the rocks.

    It is where civilisation started.

  18. beautiful. Hey betchai, I am thinking about watching autumn foliage in US national park next year, do you have any info about it? feel free to drop me a line! thanks a bunch :-)

  19. The first picture is absolutely majestic. It's amazing how nature is carved out so beautifully. Lemon trees in San Francisco look more like miniature grapefruits because of the weather.

  20. Your pictures are always amazing, and always show our beautiful world.

  21. Some places are so overcrowded with buildings and people. It's nice to see beautiful places like this still unchanged.

  22. in time betchai i'll get to explore that part of your world!

  23. Why does a river that flows west toward the ocean appear to have waves that flow from west to east?