Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ADT: Our Home Security

by Chay

After comparing the benefits of homeownership versus renting, Jeff and I decided to buy our first home. We started house hunting and were ecstatic when we found an affordable area of town close to the desert and near all the amenities necessary for comfortable living. The neighborhood was quiet and the neighbors knew each other on a first name basis. We were at peace with our decision and enjoying our new home until our peace was replaced by fear for our safety. One Saturday morning, I got up very early to get an early start on my chores. Jeff was still sleeping. I was baking biscuits for breakfast, started laundry in the garage (our laundry room was in the garage), and started pulling weeds in my garden while my husband Jeff was still sleeping. Have I mentioned husband was still sleeping?? lol. It was not unusual for us to leave the garage door open when working around the house. We were at peace with the thought our area was a safe and quiet neighborhood. I never considered the fact I was providing a thief an opportunity to enter our garage, grabbed several valuable items from inside our cars then quickly enter our house and pick up some small items and loose change on our counter top and run away without a trace. To my dismay, I walked into the garage to see the car doors open and then noticed things missing from inside near the front door. My husband was still sleeping, oblivious of what happened. Does anyone think I am resentful of my husband sleeping in on that day? LOL His sleep time ended at my shriek and we immediately called the police. This thought of someone entering my private space and stealing still causes me concern.

We put the house up for sale the first opportunity we got and moved to our present home. When we moved into our new home, the first call we made was to set up utilities and the second call was to ADT CA alarm system. After spending a lot of time researching on-line ADT in California was the easiest choice to make for our protection. The company responded right away and installed a customized system to meet our security needs ending fears from our past. We even have protection when we are sleeping at night in our home.

Cottonball in front of our house with ADT Sign
( ADT also provides signs and stickers for your home. Surveys showed that nine out of ten convicted robbers said they’ve avoided homes protected by a security system. )

After that incident from our first home, we decided to never take our family’s safety for granted. Our family, our dog and our safety has our highest priority and ADT has the complete system to give us the peace of mind we needed. We have a peace of mind knowing that our children are safe at home after school, our home contents and dog are safe while we are at work, and I feel safe while my husband sleeps in on a summer or winter or spring or fall Saturday morning. Have I mentioned my husband likes to sleep in on Saturdays? LOL We now have a 24-hour a day security system working to keep our family and investments safe. It is also important to know that if something happens while we are at home unaware or away, trained professionals are monitoring what we tell them to and if something goes wrong these security professionals will contact the proper authorities to send emergency services without delay.

Now, if you are in Florida and is looking for a home security, you can find ADT in Florida as well. You can check ADT in FL here.

Protect what matters most from… almost a dollar per day, we did and it is worth it!
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  1. gosh, Chay, cute cute ni Cottonball, and I see a lot of homes here as well with ADT signs. Thanks for sharing this very informative post, Chay.

  2. I agree with Betchai Chay... Cottonball is so cute in that photo. And thanks for the home security info... although here in Maine especially in the islands where everybody knows everybody... if you believe it so... they used to leave the house unlocked and you will still find everything in your home intact. I was kinda amazed when I learned about it. Hubby and I visited his uncle in Isleboro and he showed us the house where he work as a chef, we just opened the door and went in and we had a tour of the place and we left. Just like that.

  3. Adorable Cottonball..I see a lot of ADT trucks and signs around my city too..

  4. My supplier says mine is ADT inside, and it does give us some sense of security.

  5. When DJ played baseball, the coach sold ADT supplies. He offered us to buy some, but since we have a super crazy, big dog, we didn't feel the need. I would not hesitate though if I felt unsafe.

  6. Cottonball is adorable. ADT is the best and largest out here in San Francisco as well. Just having the stickers alone on your windows is a deterrent.

  7. We have an alarm system but cant use it because of the cats. I get a bit scared sometimes because I feel we don't have enough security if someone came with a gun.