Friday, January 22, 2010

Tips For Flying

Flying within US? Flying to Asia? Flying to Europe? Looking for flights to Belfast? Flights to Asia Pacific? Does some of your vacation plans include flying? I must admit I am not very excited about flying. Flying is probably the last thing I would do if there is a choice. However, my desire to visit my family once a while in the Philippines is stronger than my hate relationship with flying. Also, just like with my fear of heights, my desire to explore our wonderful world also defeats my laziness to fly. I do not expect ourselves driving to Florida, or driving to Maine, or driving to Canada. Much more, I do not expect ourselves swimming the Atlantic to Europe or swimming the Pacific to Hawaii. In going to places where driving is not an option, we make plans in making our flight more tolerable. For us, it is better to spend some time making plans for flying than having a miserable flight.

Here are some of the important things I always consider when flying.

1. As much as I love to be by the window to see our world outside, but if the flight will take more than 2 hours, I must choose the aisle seat for convenience. I can't seat for long, and it is very inconvenient to bother people if I have to stand up go to the aisle to take a short walk up and down the aisle ( yes, even just inside the plane), or to stretch, or go to the bathroom. I must be free to stand and walk without bothering others. If I can not have the aisle seat, then, I must have the seats near exits because of leg room and freedom to stretch.

2. I choose my meal option. I love it when they do not ask me what I want, instead, there is a meal ready for me :) .

3. To avoid leg and neck cramps, I get up from my seat every 30 minutes, as long as I am not asleep. But then, I always find it hard to sleep in the plane. And this is the inconvenience  I face especially when I travel to the Philippines where the flight is 16 to 18 hours.

4. I think of happy memories to bring me to sleep. Or I imagine myself being in nature's wonderland.

5. We make our luggages distinguishable than others. It is a pain to get confused with so many luggages during luggage pick-up.

6. I do not want to be stressed when flying, thus our motto is, better early than rush!
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  1. Betchai, I am with you. I hate to fly but sometimes it is just the easiest option. I have to fly in a few downs down to Los Angeles which is only about a 45 minute to an hour flight but like you, I have to be in an aisle seat only because I am so claustrophobic. When I was on my flight to Hong Kong for 14 hours, I did not have a choice and had to sit in the middle between people and it was horrible. I don't know how I managed that flight.

    I also have to have leg room and get up to walk around. Good tips.

  2. Well, I love flying...I grew up, as a child, flying in small Cessnas, and, when I married Shawn's father, we flew in a four seater Cessna, from Boston to New Orleans to have Shawn baptized. It was so much fun. The longest time I was ever in transit was 24 hours from India to San Francisco. I do always try to have an aisle seat, toward the rear of the plane, since, usually the back gets to board first, near the bathroom but not on top of it. I want to make sure there is overhead space for my carry on so that I have a little leg room. I also carefully check so I can make sure my seating choic is a smart one. I also like to be at the airport plenty early and I make sure I have a water bottle that I fill before boarding since turbulence can mean the flight attendants can't get down the aisle to serve drinks. I take a low dose aspirin before take off and every six hours on a long flight to help prevent clots and I actually wear support socks. I had a young Indian friend who suffered an embolism a few days after his return to his ship in L. A. The doctor felt it was related to the long flight. I even carry exercise bands in my carry on so I can do stretches on long flights! I make sure I have saline nasal spray handy as well because my nose gets so stopped up on long flights.

  3. I also don't like long flight! And the hassle of security nowadays makes the trip even longer..but if I have to flight to see family, your list of preparation sounds great.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I find it useful. Why? Because I have never ever flown before. :p