Saturday, January 23, 2010

Best Cities to Live In

What is your best city to live in? We know there are so many great places to live, we all have our favorite places to visit, favorite cities to live in, and maybe, favorite places to retire. It all depends on one's preference. What is most important is that we enjoy and optimize the benefits of living in our chosen city.
Home Sweet Home, San Diego 

Living in San Diego, where I have been spoiled by the lovely and mild weather year round, it is actually hard for me to think of cities to live outside of the West Coast region. For those who follow my blog would probably notice that most of our vacation are during spring, fall and early summer. Why? Because during winter, it seems most of the places are colder, and during summer, it seems most of the places are warmer and humid.
Exploring La Jolla Caves at Winter

Whereas, spring, fall and early summer is a great time for vacation for us since it is neither too hot nor too cold to go anywhere. Since our idea of vacation is exploring the great outdoors from sunrise to sundown, we just do not think we can be out for this long (more than 8 hours outside) when the temperature is subzero, or in the 90s or even in the 80s if it is humid, it still is not comfortable to be out. As such, we spend our winter vacation and late of summer vacation right in our backyard, home sweet home, San Diego.
Thus, it is for this reason that I choose San Diego as one of the best cities to live in for me. San Diego has many well planned communities, that finding the right San Diego Property Management would be very helpful for those who are considering to move or get a place in this city.

Aside from San Diego, another city I can see ourselves enjoying living in, is San Francisco.
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

I am not really a 100% "city" type of person, I love exploring our beautiful world at the backroads. However, I must admit I am also not a 100% "country" type of person. I do not see ourselves also living full time too far from the amenities of a city due to convenience such as proximity to excellent healthcare. San Diego and San Francisco are two cities that appeal for me since they both strike a balance between nature escapes and urbanization.

They are two of the places where nature is not necessarily walled off from the civilization, and their closeness to the ocean, the mountains and the deserts are what make these two of the best cities to live in for me.
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  1. I would say because of the mild climate and access to natural areas plus city, that San Diego is a great choice. Cool cave and wildflowers by the beach pictures!

  2. Well thank you for loving my hometown of SF as much as I do. That is an awesome photo of the Golden Gate with the fog shrouding the tower. I know I've said this before but I absolutely have to get to San Diego one of these days. Living there through your photos is very alluring Betchai :)

  3. I think I've told you before, betchai, I fell in love with San Franciso, when I was 18 and had a six our layover en route to Hawaii for summer vacation. I took a taxi around the city and told myself I'd live here someday. Every summer for the next four years, I came for two weeks on vacation, then I honeymooned here. In Jan, 1976, I moved here. The only other city I even considered was San Diego, another place I've visited often and where I have many friends. I think they are the two best spots in the state, with Montery and Carmel and the San Luis Obispo area running pretty close.

  4. They both seem like very beautiful cities from the photos and stories I've red from you and others. I hope to see them both one day. I've only been as far west as Nebraska so far though.

  5. You and Khai share so many experiences together. Beautiful photos, betchai!

  6. Now, you gave me an idea, Torrey Pines and the Flower Fields for us in Spring.

    Love the poppies in the wild!

  7. How about my hometown-Malacca? :p