Sunday, October 04, 2009

Each month is a promise

I am Eng. I am a woman. I am enjoying life day by day because i am free, i am loved, i am healthy. I look at the sun rising each morning and say to myself, another day has come, a new opportunity to live life to its fullest.

I am a mother. I enjoy what everyday brings knowing i can hear my daughter, Ysa, laughing at my silly jokes, watching her play, looking at her growing and glowing in each passing day.

I am a wife. It gives me comfort to feel my husband's warm embrace. His soothing words are my assurance when i am feeling down. His love, my strength and rock.

I am above all, human. I've seen so much death in my life, loss, sufferings. I know too well the pain of losing loved ones to cancer. I feel and i know. The pain lingers longer and deeper,but there is hope. The sun sets each day only to rise again the next morning, maybe even brighter than before.

There must be an answer to every question even if its " I don't know" after giving it your best shot. Breast cancer is one of the leading caused of death in woman population.The answer to breast cancer maybe lurks within us. Science is moving forward in finding the answer, if not the cure,yet. Leading reseachers at C'elle find a humane way of finding those elusive answers by harvesting the stem cell in the lining of the womb which is shed by monthly menstrual flow. There is after all, a monumental used for what is widely considered as unsanitary blood lost. The best deal of it all, which you will also find more information in C'elle Blog, once proven, is that these stem cell will benefit people genetically linked to you.

We can fight breast cancer one day at a time, one small step in a long search for an answer, each month is a promise.
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  1. Yeah! I do hope we can find the cure to cancer soon! :(

  2. I too hope Eng that there would soon be an answer to cancer, it is such a great news that from our dreaded unsanitary blood lost each month, something can be used for our benefit and those genetically linked to us.

  3. I hope so Eng, I will email this link to my egroup buddies at work who might be interested to know more about C'ell.

    Beth, thank you for linking Salitype and Craftista! Appreciate it!

    Take it easy, girl. We got you covered. *hugs*

  4. I have never heard of C'elle until now. Let's hope there is a cure soon.

  5. I am all for this research and have been sadden by the many obstacles that have been put in the way needlessly. there have been so many strides forward, I feel there are many more to come.

  6. Eng this very educational thank you for this post. Let's all hope and pray that there is a cure for this cancer.

  7. we just lost one family member on the other side due the the big C...

    for all ladies out there, keep fighting