Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dominica, an island nation.


Dominica: Explore! Hike! Dive! Relax! Dominica - land of beautiful valleys and lushful vegetation, of boiling lakes and tropical forest, of nature reserves and underwater landscape. A place that caters to everyone, any taste and lifestyles- from snorkeling to hiking, from exploring to canyoneering, from beauty rest to wellness - simply put, its a taste of heaven on earth!

Dominica is known to have active volcanoes. It's largest boiling lake , 2nd in the world, is a testament to an active geothermal basin on earth. Some of these volcanic hot springs happens to be at the bottom of falls. Imagine enjoying a fresh cool water cascading down the falls and a warm sulfuric steam at its bottom , truly a nature's wonder. Experience Dominica's 365 rivers rushing to the sea, its National Parks, lush vegetation which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This place is a haven for the great outdoors enthusiasts and nature lovers. Dominica invites you to Explore! Hike! Discover! Experience canyoneering- the ultimate and exciting sport for those who seeks great adventure - to keep one occupied body and mind. This involves climbing, hiking, diving, snorkeling, swimming and rappelling to waterfalls - a sure way to give you a taste of Indiana Jones escapades without the bad guys! It is also well known to be the Whale Watching Capital of the Carribean - no extravagant statement intended. The place boast an outstanding 22 species of whale sited within its territorial waters. It can almost guarantee one a glimpse of this fantastic creatures in one's visit. If you prefer to give yourself a bit of a pampering, they do have spa's for beauty treatment and enjoy the relaxing comfort of massages to ease those stiffness and sores of everyday conundrum.

Come and visit Dominica, feel the beat of a carribean drums and dance to its music. It is the closest to what paradise can be!

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  1. it sure like heaven on Earth Eng, thanks for sharing! I am so excited reading about this place, makes me want to pack and go now to Domica! One day!

  2. Yes, this place sounds so nice, Eng! It would be great if I can go there someday!

  3. I would love to visit Dominica someday and go hiking whale watching. It does look like a paradise!

  4. What an interesting and pretty place. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the cloud that kisses the mountain top..

  6. Heaven on earth? must be a paradise huh! Boiling lake? You mean the temperature is more than 100C? :D

  7. Wow! Would love to go there! : )

  8. More explorations from betchai! How are you doing now?