Saturday, September 05, 2009

I am Still Here

Since my summer break ended last August 10, my posting here had slowed down terribly. But I am happy that at least I can still manage to write something after a very tired brain :) Despite my busy schedule, life continues to be great, thinking positively.
Watch Out Fish, Egret is Here
I am still here, I still have time to walk to the beach after a long day before the day ends or at the weekend. I still have time to search for birds around while I pass the lagoon on my way to the beach.
Egret, Looking Out for Something to Feed?
Diverse Bird Species @ The Lagoon
( heron, flying pelican, grebes)
I still have some time to wait for the fish giving me a surprise mighty jump!
Jumping Fish @ Lagoon
Though vacation has long been over, but I still can manage to release the day's stresses and join the birds in their party.
Partying Birds
And as I get closer to the beach, I feel like the birds in the lagoon are inviting me to join them, but sadly, there area is restricted, where not anyone can trespass. The lagoon is for them only, and for other wildlife!
Resting Gulls
But then, some of them are too social, they also want to join us at the beach :)
Egret Trying to Find Fish :)
I still take some time to swim and help the birds look for fish :) . Yesterday was a great one, saw a lot of fishes. I still have the time to happily take my board, and go out to enjoy some rides. 
Surfer Riding The Wave
( I don't surf, I boogie ride or body surf )
Flock of Pelicans Approaching
Despite my busy schedule, despite having too little time to make my presence at The Joys of Simple Life, I am still here, finding the time to enjoy the sea, the sand,
Sandy Squirrel :)
and the sun!

Riding more waves before we finally say goodbye to summer.
Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone!
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  1. Beautiful Egret Betchai! I love the close up shot of it. Hope you enjoy your weekend too :)

    Thanks alot for your vote dear! :)

  2. Despite the busy schedule, the egret still find time to walk at the beach.

  3. Nice photos of the egret, Betchai. I myself had slowed down in my blogging activities in the last few weeks but now I'm back. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Betchai, I am so busy these days too...nakaka-stress talaga but browsing over your pics made me relax and smile. Thanks!!! :)

  5. i don't know where you got your energy girl, in spite of the busy schedules you still managed to do all those wonderful things!

    beautiful pictures and admirable dedication to things you love doing!

  6. Ooh that first photo of the egret is really good! that egret looks clean. The jumping fish is cute and the squirrel looks naughty! hahaha..then there's the amazing sunset.

  7. hello, bethsksy. good capture of the jumping fish...i hope you're having an easy time in school..

  8. Enjoying life, and all its wonders, is so more important than blogging. Have a great one betchai!

  9. Nice photos you share with us Betchai! Lots of birds aye. And the people surfing with wave is really awesome. But the one I love the most is gotta be...

    The Sandy Squirrel. It it the first time I have ever seen such squirrel! :)

  10. lol, i never felt you were gone for a while as your blog seems to be in present time as always.

    perfect sunset photo

  11. Beautiful photos as always, betchai! It's wonderful that you still have time to enjoy the beach, taking fantastic pictures to share, and unload stress.

    I have never seen a Sandy Squirrel before, and the sun set is just marvelous...

  12. Egrets are one of my favorite birds to watch!

  13. whoa! what a treat from you Betchai! even if you're not here often, we all know that you are always there and we are always waiting for your amazing surprises! 'love the jumping fish, sandy squirrel and the sunset! wait! i love the egret too! ;)

  14. A lovely story and a lovely time to wind up the day. There is always time for everything, and what a serene and happy place to see the world of nature. It is such a privilege to live close to the ocean. Giggles, but blogging beckons you,just like me! Enjoy your weekend!

  15. OOps! That was me!

    A lovely story and a lovely time to wind up the day. There is always time for everything, and what a serene and happy place to see the world of nature. It is such a privilege to live close to the ocean. Giggles, but blogging beckons you,just like me! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Ride as many waves as you can. Have fun to the last moment of summer is gone. This is what summer is all about.

    That little fishy was a great surprise.

  17. At least you can body surf. I don't know how to. I think surfing can be a dangerous sport isn't?

    I saw egrets when I visited Sandakan (East Malaysia) in April this year. Beautiful birds.

  18. Beth, you have an award to pick up in my blog. Hope you'll like it :) I know you're kinda busy, so you are free to just take the award minus the paper works...hahaha!

  19. Your picture of the lagoon with the birds looks so beautiful and relaxing. And the squirrel with all the spots is so cute, and the sunset colors are marvelous, wow!

  20. Great shots. I can't believe you managed to catch that fish jumping.

    What wonderful ways to spend the end of the the days of summer and to unwind after a long, hard day.

    I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!

  21. Nice photos again,Betchai.I love the egret pictures and the sea out of the water,that was a good catch!I wouldn't have been fast enough to capture that fish on camera.

  22. Those partying birds are adorable. That is a fantastic shot of the squirrel. You've captured every detail. I hope you're have a wonderful weekend and enjoying all you are doing.

  23. OH my, I don't know that kind of squirrel at all. It's really cool!

  24. I love seeing egrets, and you have some very beautiful pictures. That squirrel is one of the most different I have ever seen. I love it!

  25. Wherever you were, it sure looked like a peaceful place. Thank you for still taking the time to post and comment.

    By the way, I had no idea SD was once the tuna capital of the world either.

  26. Wow, the Egret and Sunset are FAB!!

  27. It relaxes me when I look at your pictures ! Glad we have a holiday to catch up with blogging and other stuff !

  28. and you managed to capture that rare fish jump! you really make me "wow" betchai!

    Enjoying those simple joys around despite your busy sched is something you must never take forgranted.. whiel you can still see nature's beauty! It's indeed a great way of releasing everyday' stess. You are lucky to be in such area near all kinds of nature around.

    happy monday!

  29. I love that sandy squirel betchai, I can't tell why. But they are looks so fluffy, unusual and friendly :-)
    You are so lucky to go to all this beautiful places!

  30. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I could stare at those birds all day and have never seen a sandy squirrel before. Loved it!

  31. Bethchai i'm back too! ;) but not from holiday :) you know.. been busy with mutti and michael's birthday ;) hey again graet photos Beth, like the bird you are busy but still here for us :)

    thank you Kimchai for this post :)

  32. wow! beautiful birds.
    at least you still find time with your bust schedule to post beautiful pictures here.

  33. The more tired my brain is the more I need a break, but the more I seem to work on my hobbies. Your hard works is much appreciated, thanks.


  34. Beautiful photos! Wish we had some wildlife here...Glad to hear everything is going well even if you're busy.

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