Saturday, August 01, 2009

That Beautiful and Confident Smile

Whenever I walk around, a smile from someone always warm my heart. A warm greeting of "hi, how are you?" followed with a smile always adds happiness to my day. At first, when I was new to this country, I found the greeting kind of weird, for how can a stranger ask me if how am I? Is he/she really sincere to know the reality? Would he/she really care if I tell him/her my day is not good? I know some of them care, but some would disappear as fast as they said that greeting :) Sometimes, I would reply, "am not so good, but thank you anyway. How about you?" And it is this kind of reply that I usually would really see someone stopping from their walk, and say, "oh, i am sorry, i hope the day will get better for you. I usually find it endearing when an older people would really give out their best smile, looking so happy, and it inspires me to think that I will reach their age too with hopefully still having that energy and enthusiasm about each day.

It is different with the younger ones however. Some kids I met at the street, would give their best smile, and if asked how they are, would happily reply, "I am good, thank you! How about you?" But other kids seem to be shy and seem to purposely avoid a "hi" by looking on the ground when they are about to cross others path.
What could be some of the probable reasons why some hesitate to flash that beautiful and confident smile?  I have read from the recent studies by Kelton Research for Align Technology Incorporated that one in two teens would smile less if they wear braces.  Also, recent studies have shown, that more teens are now heading into cosmetic surgery to answer their woes.

A popular dental cosmetic procedure these days are porcelain veneers for that bright, confident, and irresistible smile. San Diego porcelain veneers specialist Dr. Safarian, for example, custom orders the porcelain veneers to complement each of his patient's unique appearance. The porcelain veneers are permanently placed on front teeth to eliminate unsightly gaps, cracks, chips, ugly discoloration and other imperfections. Self image, after all, affects some people's smiles and confidence to socialize and mingle, or to be friendly with others. And we know this to be true for the increasing number of people who are heading into any type of cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance.
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  1. haha! now you are talking about dentistry! i'd love to have veneers instead of unsightly metal braces if only i have enough money to spend for purely aesthetic purposes. :)

  2. Good information to know! A little fixing sometimes can boost self confident..

  3. i had braces before and i still smile a lot! =)