Thursday, August 06, 2009

Spread the Word and Help a Charity

Have you used ? I actually use their site a lot whenever I look for hotels on our travel. They are not a travel agent, what they do is just provide us with a unique search engine that we can use to find hotel availability and rates. Their search will let us compare prices and offers from multiple merchants. Their site really helps make my hotel search easier, since before, I used to go to,, to expedia, to travelocity, and then, I go to the individual hotel sites to compare the rate. Yes, finding a hotel took a lot of my time everytime I made plans for our trip before. But when I learned about, the task became easier. I just go to their website, type in the place we want to visit and the dates. It then searches for the hotels and lodging around the place, and provides the list of the hotels they find in the area with their rates. I do not make reservations with them, but directly to supplier or to the hotel. I have proven it so many times already that making reservations directly to the hotel is cheaper since there are no additional travel agent cost.

Now, the world's number 1 hotel search engine wants more people to know about them. And they have this great offer, Spread The Word For Charity. They will donate to a charity every time someone helps them spread the word. They will benefit from our word of mouth ( or computer mouse in this case) while at the same time being able to donate what they normally would have spent on advertising.

Do you blog? Do you have Tweeter? Do you have Facebook? Anyway, why I ask if you blog, or if you use tweeter or facebook is because they have 3 options: They will give $20 to charity for blog mention, $10 for a tweet and $5 for becoming a fan of their Facebook page. Now, please do not be surprised if you see my facebook being a fan of their site. Aside from being really an extensive user of their site, it's great to know that by just becoming their fan and by blogging about them, I am contributing to their adopted Charity such as Make a Wish Foundation, World Vision and World Wildlife Fund. To learn more how to join, you can click the link above or the disclosure badge below. 

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  1. That's a god search engine for much better than going through all those individual sites. And that spread a word is a good way to advertise and help in a way. I'll check this things out in time. thanks

  2. What a good things they are doing! It's great to see they are giving to charity.