Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Myrtle Beach Vacation

My friend from Tennessee had been asking me for about 3 years now to spend vacation with her kids in San Diego. She said her boys missed the ocean so much. The first time she asked me about 3 years ago, she said her boys asked her, "mom, can we go to the beach? I am afraid I do not know anymore how it looks like." The first time she asked me, I was so excited, I made itinerary for them to make the best of their vacation here in San Diego. But then, summer passed and they never came. She told me they will just save for the next year. Last year's summer passed, and still, they never came. Now this year, the summer will soon come to an end, and there is still no San Diego vacation for her boys. So, I finally took the courage to ask her if her boys had forgotten the beach vacation now. She told me, "No, they still ask actually. But it is expensive for 4 of us to fly, I could not find a good airfare deal yet. My heart feels for them whenever they ask about the ocean." I suggested to her why not look for a beach closer to her place instead where she does not have to worry about air fare cost. My husband, who used to live in IL, told me when he was still in the Mid West, they used to go East since it is closer to them than going West. They drove from IL to SC through Tennessee. They would do some hiking at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, and then, spend some days lazying in the wide sandy beaches and playing tennis at Myrtle Beach Resort. 
my husband in an oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort
Remembering my husband's stories of his younger days travel, I suggested to my friend why not try Myrtle Beach since I remember my husband telling me they passed through Tennessee when going there. The drive is not short, but at least, they don't have to fly if they go to San Diego. With 4 people for air fare, that is a lot! Now, we are both studying Myrtle Beach and the many activities it offer for her kids. 
Our first concern is lodging, and we came across Myrtle Beach Resorts website, which has unlimited choices of Myrtle Beach Hotels, resorts and vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach Resorts offer various type of lodging accommodation such as hotel rooms, or 1-, 2-, 3- bedroom condo suites, that will suit any type of budget. The site at Myrtle Beach Resorts also provides more information on area attractions, such as parks, museums, amusements, shows, shopping,  and other activities for family.
Having learned this, my friend is a little bit enlightened now that she does not really have to go far to make her boys experience the ocean once again. I wished them well in their vacation and hope they will make it there. I remember my younger days, where my late mother had a hard time making me get out of the water, haha! Beach was and still is, fun! 
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  1. Myrtle Beach is one of the place that I would love to have a vacation! I love the ocean..

  2. i've never been there and not even in most parts of CA..hehe but I've been to wonderful beaches in other country of course our homeland =)