Saturday, August 08, 2009

Myrtle Beach Again!

Remember the story I shared last time about my friend who wanted her two boys to experience the ocean again?  Coming from the Philippines, they have been missing the ocean. Though our country is small in terms of area but  it is composed of 7,107 islands! It's almost like everybody has of course been to the sea. However, moving to USA, a giant country in terms of area compared to Philippines, one can live so very far from the beach here. Some may not have even seen what an ocean is like. So my friend's boys have been wishing to see the ocean again for that reminds them of their home back in the Philippines.
According to my friend, they always kept on saying, "mom, I am afraid I do not know what an ocean looks like anymore". They are not making it up since when they left Philippines they were less than 5 years old, and now, they are close to ten years old.
However, living in Tennessee, which is a beautiful mountain state, and with tight work schedule, it was not that easy for them to take an ocean vacation. Until I talked to them about choosing a beach just closer to them. Because my husband frequently visit Myrtle Beach when he was still in IL, and said that it is hard to go wrong with a Myrtle Beach Accomodation, 
A Happy Boy On A Happy Beach
that was the beach that first came to my mind knowing that they pass Tennessee sometimes too. So, now, my friend and her family are decided to have a Myrtle Beach vacation and is now looking into Myrtle Beach Hotels. Myrtle Beach, having gained the reputation of being the number one family beach resort in America, is known to have great Myrtle Beach Accomodations.
I am hoping they finally get to Myrtle Beach, and the boys will have a great time playing with the waves and the sand at the ocean.
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  1. I am dreaming about Myrtle Beach, again! :-)

  2. I can't say I have really been to the beaches in the East Coast except in FL. Myrtle Beach does look lovely from your photo.

  3. i hope your friend finally pushes thru her beach plans while summer's still up.