Monday, August 03, 2009

Is Image Everything?

Is image everything? We often hear about how self image affects our self confidence and self esteem. Not only that, how others perceive our images also affect our relationships. Our self confidence depends on how we see ourselves and how we believe others see us. Even though image has to do with perception, yet, a positive self image is very important because it affects our behavior and how we deal with others. Image is not limited to physical attributes only though. A good dresser as an image does not necessarily mean will have a respectful and courteous image.

If positive self image is very important for every individual, it is also as important for businesses. Oftentimes, when we are visiting a place, before getting in a restaurant to feed ourselves, we check first for the reviews about the restaurant. What others have to say helps in the decision making. If there is no review available, we use the most viewable image available. In short, if we can not find handy reviews or endorsement, we use the atmosphere and the crowd in the restaurant as the "endorser". The decision was based on the image we have perceived from the restaurant.

Image is also very important for us when booking hotels in our out of town trips. We always carefully read the reviews before making a reservation. After all, we do not want our vacation to be ruined with our choice of hotel, despite that the hotel is actually only a place to sleep for us. Still, the "image" that the hotel has created on its customers is "everything".

For businesses and other individuals in a people-oriented career, this is where public relations come in. With the very stiff competitions these days, businesses or companies need to really stand out. They need the best help they can get to attract attention from both the media and the market. The best public relations helps the company achieve its full potential by creating a strong public image of the company. It promotes and protects the company or the company's products and it helps the company reach a large audience or capture the market without the cost of traditional marketing and advertising.

Is image everything? What do you think? Would love to hear your opinions too.
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  1. Image is very important for me, not to portray such ways of impressing people but to simply show yourself who you truly are.

    Image is like our life's daily basis to everything =)

  2. Image can make or break in a certain situation, and yes it does play an important role in how we present ourselves!

  3. Thanks a lot Ayie and Icy for sharing.

    @ Ayie, yes, image is like our life's basis to everything, even just buying our daily needs such as foods.

    @ Icy, indeed, image can make or break in some instances.