Saturday, December 31, 2011

How to Plan For a Trip

Our kind of vacation is always an action trip, full of wonders to see and to experience. We don't simply just stop and go, take pictures here and there, for we believe that the beauty of our natural world is best seen at the backroads. We spend time hiking and exploring the places.

My major observation from exploring the trails and amazing beauty of the US Southwest, is that, there are probably more European and Japanese than Americans. I have talked to some of them, and they always tell me it has been their dream to see the beauty of the National Parks of America. When the parents of one of my colleagues ( Japanese) came, his dad had only one thing to ask: "Bring us to any National Park! More National Parks, I am happier!"  As such, my friend had to ask me in a hurry to write him an itinerary for California National Parks and Grand Circle National Parks. Thankfully for him, the concentration for National Parks are in the West.
Some of California's National Parks

For international travelers, whenever they explore the Grand Circle, which consists of 7 National Parks and many more National Monuments, State Parks and National Natural Landmark, the major city to fly in and out is Las Vegas. Flying to Las Vegas is more than just seeing the strip, considered as one of the civil engineering wonder of the modern world. Las Vegas City Break is more than just a city of gambling! Most European tourists would then explore the Grand Canyon National Park- Mesa Verde National Park- Arches National Park - Canyonlands National Park- Capitol Reef National Park- Bryce Canyon National Park- Zion National Park which forms a circle with Las Vegas as the starting and end point of the circle.
Some of the Parks at The Grand Circle, Southwest USA
Most of the European tourists I met would refer to Bryce Canyon National Park as their favorite park. I am not sure if I disappoint them sometimes whenever they ask me which one is my favorite park, and I would reply, " They are all different! They all have their own unique beauty, all amazing to me. I really have no favorite, but the desert of the American Southwest I must say is my favorite vacation destination, its beauty blows my mind." 
Bryce Canyon National Park
( a popular choice for European tourists for their favorite park )

It is like I have practiced that reply already and I noticed whenever I say that, they kind of not really perk up with my reply, and would tell me back, " Yes, they are all beautiful and mind blowing, but I have to say I really like and love Bryce Canyon, this is the park where I took more than 500 pictures!" So, I would just smile back at them, and assure them that I love Bryce Canyon too, only that I don't really have a favorite park. :) Can you blame me if I say I love all National Parks? Haha!!

Anyway, let me share with you some of the ways I plan for trips. The places here were just an example, I did not pick a trip we already had done, so that the planning here is more for me. :) Let us say, we went to UK first, and after visiting UK, we would visit other places in Europe.
1. Departing from UK, I can choose several destination anywhere in the world to go next. Right now, though I have many places in mind to see in Europe after visiting UK, but I had to consider the time, and resources available. Same thing with my friend. Using the holidays page, we both can create or build our trip.
2. For Example, from UK, I would like to visit Spain. All I have to do is build a trip. Using the holidays page, I build my trip by typing in the departure airport from UK and my arrival place at Spain, let us say Majorca. I choose my dates, and then I have several choices for my flight, which gives the price, and the length of travel. These two are very important to know, since we do not want to spend a lot of time traveling, sometimes for a price difference of $10.00, we may have to choose the one that gives us less trouble, that has no connecting flights, and lesser  time.
3. After I got to choose my flight, I can now choose the hotels and resorts available at Majorca! The site gives many choices to choose from, depending on the needs of the traveler. The beautiful island of Majorca with its sparkling beaches has been a popular tourist destination. No wonder it's the island that has provided inspiration to Chopin's music! The site gives information about each resort, its proximity to nearby attractions and what are the things to do. It serves like a travel guide! One of the places not to miss in Majorca is the Abaco Bar, it is not just a bar, but its awe-inspiring 16th century church inspired decor and architecture, baroque in its forms, really is a sight to behold. 
 4. In addition, I can plan further in the same site. I can look and study if I needed to rent a car, or taking the train will be good enough. I can learn from their various city breaks in Spain such as Madrid City Break. I will learn about the attractions Madrid has to offer and get a glimpse of what my vacation would be like. Madrid is not only an architectural and cultural destination, this vibrant and inspiring city can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Though Madrid is famous for its museums such as The Prado, the Thyseen-bornemisza and the Reina Sofia, which houses works by Picasso and Dali, but in addition, Madrid is one of the greenest cities in Europe! This is not just a concrete and architectural city, one third of its area is covered in trees, with beautiful and inspiring soothing landscape.
These are usually the steps I make whenever I create or build a well ordered cheap holidays vacation. It has always been my goal to make a trip go smoothly, as the trip can be so stressful when we just jump in unprepared and no plans at all. We will end up paying so much but missing a lot of wonderful places and not enjoying most of the time.
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  1. Wow! The grand circle is one of my plans!And the Antelope Canyon is so beautiful. I just read in one of my blog hops this morning about it. Too little time and so much to see and explore! Yes, planning is essential.

  2. Ha, Ha if you read my last post all my trips are adventures. I want to go to all these places you mention. They are all beautiful. You gave some great tips, for a fun, and wonderful vacation.

  3. You're so true in your your words about the amazing sites of Bryce Canyon! So amazing!

    Your trip to the UK will be wonderful since you're so prepared for it ahead of time.

  4. Glad I read this post about planning for a trip because I don't have much experience traveling. So far I've only traveled to visit people, but would like to check out some National Parks and Landmarks someday. I can see how advance planning could save a lot of money.

  5. Good info Betchai. I know for myself that I always do months of research while planning a trip and staying near the sights you want to explore is very important. Bryce Canyons are amazing. I look forward to your trips because we get to travel right along with you through your blog :)

  6. hey, when are you going? that sounds like a really good plan, beth! you know, i answer people like you do - they ask me, oh, so you've lived in so-and-so places. but you like it HERE (wherever), don't you? i say, i liked and like all the places we lived in, they're all different and beautiful. blah-blah-blah. but i respect it when they state their own favorites. i mean, to each his own. happy trip then!

  7. You have provided me with a very good advice. Surprises will be limited to the minimum for your UK trip.

  8. Having seen so much of that part of the country when i was young and then later as an adult, it is Brice Canyon that always takes my breath away.

  9. Very useful tips betchai. I just returned from my hometown, and on the last day of my holiday, I sprained my back. Thank's for keep visiting my site when I'm away.

  10. I love the places that you've mentioned! Seems like I've been there too because you were so detailed and organized! :)

  11. Hi Betchai,

    You can even do this as a part time job, be a travel consultant, focusing on some target areas for visit.

    You are really living your best by visiting all these beautiful places. I would have done the same thing if I can afford to give some time and money for it. :)

    Have a great weekend! :)

  12. how about i'm back, beth? please go to my site and grab two awards - find my post (Awards...). slow down and take it easy, okay?

  13. Bryce Canyon is really gorgeous. I wish I could be there too. LOL :D

    Wow! You really have a lot of traveling experience huh!

  14. I can't contest with your words, the places you hiked and visited are simply gorgeous! Also with travel planning, I also make plans way way way ahead. It's better that way to maximize the trip and minimize expenses. =)

  15. that's a great advice!
    I sure like to visit the national parks in states, they are cheap, excellent and refreshing way of holiday!

  16. I'm currently 27yrs old and would like to start getting an idea of how to plan my trip. I plan on taking a few friends, no more than 5. I would prefer a cruise, but I can't seem to find any leaving from the U.S. If I cannot find a cruise then the next option is to fly. I would like to visit a few places in Italy and stay for about 10 days. Any suggestions or info on planning a trip to Italy? Thanks

  17. I looking a travel trips from delhi to kanyakumari by train or air, good budget hotel or 5 star hotel rate and any related guide of my trip plan.Thanks