Friday, August 07, 2009

Food and Fun Friday: Kangkong and Killer Whale

I hope you don't get confused with the killer whale as food :( . Food is Kangkong and Fun is Killer Whale at Sea World. I just have thought of combining food and fun every Friday, thus, my first Food and Fun Friday post.

First, a little bit of explanation regarding some changes you may have noticed in this site.

1. I am writing sponsored posts now, have started accepting sponsored posts since two weeks ago, July 22nd. I know some may not like the idea of combining blogging with doing sponsored posts, but for me, earning extra money on the side through blogging is an honest hard earned money. I learned about blogging opportunities and explored it since I know whatever I can earn from it will help me a lot. I am proud to say that for this year's budget, I took 100% of what I sent to Tapulanga Foundation from my blogging income, not from my savings.   

What is Tapulanga Foundation? It is a non-profit charitable organization that helps provide educational, healthcare and micro-credit assistance to communities in one of the small towns of Negros. I adopted a scholar several years back where I send an impoverished child I am not related at all to school through Tapulanga Foundation, not only pay his tuition, but also provide him books and food allowances that he will be nourished while attending school. I do not really have a lot of extra money as many thinks that people who lives in America are in bounty. However, as a teacher, I believe that education is a key to help a child get better chances in life. It is a joy to share some of our blessings to a kid who dreams to have a better life. When this blog turned 3 months old, with encouragement and guidance from my blogging friends Rochelle, of Femme Power; and Icy, of Reach Beyond Limits, I applied as publisher in Social Spark, Blogsvertise and Blog To Profit 2 weeks ago. Thus, sometimes, you can see me having 4 posts in one day. If I do two sponsored posts, I balance it with two of my regular posts. Next week, I will be happily back to classes, so I would usually tell my husband, "oh, no more ten dollar happiness for me." The lowest paid to me is $6.00 for a post and the highest paid to me is $30 for a post. The majority is $10-$15 per post, thus, blogging "happine$$". Simple joys, in simple life.  

2. Because food is my first love, I used to bake and sell my baked goods to my friends back home, and still continue to enjoy cooking these days, I thought of sharing here the other side of me aside from hiking and taking pictures. That is, food! And combine foods with some fun, thus I have thought of Food and Fun Friday. 

Now, back to my post for today. First on Food! 
Sauteed Kangkong
I chose to share with you my favorite vegetable, it is not common in America, but it is a popular vegetable in South East Asia. In the Philippines, we call this "kangkong", but I learned to call it "ong choy" here in San Diego. "Ong choy" is the Chinese name of "kangkong". From Wikipedia, here are the other names:

Common names include water spinach, swamp cabbage, water convolvulus, water morning-glory, kangkung' (Indonesian, Malay), kangkong (Tagalog), eng chhai (Hokkien), tangkong(Cebuano), kang kung (Sinhalese), trawkoon ( Khmer: ត្រកួន), pak boong (in Thai: ผักบุ้ง) (Thai), rau muống (Vietnamese), kongxincai (Chinese: 空心菜; pinyin: kōngxīncài; literally "Hollow Hearted Vegetable"), Hong Sum Choy (Hakka), ong chai (Foochow), and ong choy or tung choi (Cantonese pronunciation of 蕹菜, ngônkcôi; pinyin: wéngcài)., " ကန္စြန္း " (Ken-Zun) in Burmese, thooti koora in Telugu; kalmisagsarnaliganthian in Hindi ; In Assamese it is called kolmou; In Bangla kolmi shak or kolmi lota.

This vegetable has zero fat and zero cholesterol and is a very good source of fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and other nutrients. In the Philippines, the popular dish for this vegetable is "adobong kangkong".
Adobong Kangkong ( or Ong Choy in Soy Sauce and Vinegar)
How to make Adobong kangkong:
1. Sautee garlic and onions in olive oil.
2. Add soy sauce, pepper, water and vinegar.
3. Stir in the kangkong. ( if you use both stalk and leaves, add stalk first, and then, when it is half done, add the leaves).
4. Simmer until the stalk is cooked ( my husband like it soft, I like it crunchy, so I make it in between). 

** in the Philippines, they add pork and shrimp paste. However, my version is meatless.

Now, moving to fun! 

Orca Whale and Trainer, Sea World San Diego
This is my favorite show at Sea World, it used to be "Shamu Rocks", later they changed it to "Believe". 
Sweet Dance
It is my hope and dream to see an orca whale in their natural habitat someday. Right now, all I can do is go to Sea World! But at least, we get to see gray whales and blue whales in our shore :)

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  1. Oh Betchai ! I haven't had adobong kangkong for sooo many years and you just made me crave for it ! I think I will try and do that using spinach here - they have the same name anyway !

    The Shamu show is the most fun show to watch in Seaworld - I will never get tired going there !

  2. Hi betchai! Don't worry, everybody's doing their own stuffs in blogging. I'm so proud of you doing that sponsorship, mom does that too.

    As for the kangkong...i miss it badly. I only get to have it at least once a month or less whenever we go to seafood city. I somehow replace i spinach but the taste isn't the same. I love both ways you prepared it. yumyum

    As for the fun, thanks for sharing the whale photo. The shot is really well captured. I should take photography lessons from you to improve my snapping hobby =)

  3. betchai, girlfriend!so very proud of you girl!hope there are more like you who thinks and care about the less priviledge...keep the post coming girl!

    oh! you suddenly made me want to eat adobong kangkong.i love it with bagoong on the side!

    wish i can take ysabelle to see those killer whales one day with you.

  4. Go for it, Beth! You are a most deserving person of all these blessings! your selflessness will go far! (just woke up ^^)

  5. Hi, Betchai!I admire you for your noble cause.Not everyone has the heart (even if they have the money) to give to the needy.I see nothing wrong with doing paid posts.It's a decent way to earn a little extra.

    As to your kangkong,I love it in pork sinigang!

    Continue to be a blessing for others,Betchai.God bless you!

  6. I know you will do well with paid posts..It's a tough world out there, and getting paid to write is a great way to make money..

    The food sounds simple enough to make, I'll try to do it!

    I love Sea World, but haven't been to one in too many years.

    May God bless you with your noble cause!

  7. You are such a busy lady and generous also, to support a scholar! I had never heard of your favorite vegetable, Kangkong, but it looks delicious.

  8. Good luck with your new format with posting,the kangkong looks delicious.

  9. That dish looks delicious. Is it something like Bok choy? An easy recipe too, I love that. Don't worry about sponsored posts. It's a great way of making extra money.

  10. Any way you can make money is just fine. We all need money, and the reasons don't matter. I'm a picky eater, but the Audobong Kangkong looks good.

  11. thanks all for your continued support.

    Chay and Ayie, have tried it with spinach too, but i still prefer the kangkong for adobo. but i love spinach too :)

    eng, hopefully someday you can visit salitypers in US :) would want to bring ysa to sea world :)

    thanks Che

    i also use kangkong in sinigang rochelle, kangkong goes with anything, i also use it in "monggo"

    hi icy, yes, it is tough, it's not easy to write :(

    wish i can serve you some kangkong diane, though here in US, it is more known as "ong choy"

    thanks Bob, yes, kangkong is delicious

    @ Jo, it is different from bok choy, but the leaves part of bok choy may taste a little bit similar to the leaves.

    thanks Ratty, indeed, we all do need money. i hope you will like adobong kangkong if by chance you get to taste it someday.

  12. iba pa rin yung authentic taste nung kangkong =) i love it most esp in sinigang!!!

  13. Yum, deliciously posted! :)
    Kool Whale and Killer Kangkong :D

    I agreed with you about paid review. In my case I selectively choose the review that related to my blog theme, so the reader won't get distracted.
    You have my full support!

    Now, go and have a great lovely weekend!

  14. Hi Betchai! Sponsored post or not, you write well and your posts come from the heart. :) So generous of you to sponsor a scholar. God bless you Betchai. When are you coming over for vacation?

  15. BTW, we just had sinigang soup - bangus with kangkong and radish - for lunch. I immediately remembered you as soon as I saw the kangkong leaves (I visited your blog before we had lunch), hehehe... Mom usually sets aside the stalks for making the adobong kangkong. The leaves we usually put in soup or other dishes.

  16. Your are so kind, betchai, my salute to you!!!!

    And too surprise to know you eat Kangkong in America.

  17. Does your recipe still taste good with no soy sauce. We are trying experiments to figure out what is triggering my migraines, and MSG definitely seems to make them worse, or even be the trigger.

  18. thanks again Ayie, Vanilla7, carey, rainfield and melissa.

    you are right ayie, iba pa rin ang authentic taste nang kangkong.

    haha, thanks vanilla, i should have thought of that as title, kool whale and killer kangkong.

    we do have kangkong here in asian supermarket rainfield, they never run out of supply, i guess they must feed the asians living here :)

    hi melissa, yes, but use balsamic vinegar instead. water, balsamic vinegar, a little bit of salt and pepper to taste.

  19. I understand and agree that it's suitable and fun to try and combine blogging fun with a little extra income. I also agree helping a child through education is the single best way to give them a chance at a better life. We gave up much in order to afford an good education for our daughter, as that was a priority for us. She now is a teacher and so that continues, which is wonderful.

    You must receive far more assignments than I do through ppp, because I certainly haven't obtained enough to help anyone else with. Maybe because I only accept assignments that go with my blog's theme?

    Killer whales, always look so sweet to me in pictures.

    Thanks for visiting, hope to see you often, you never know where the suitcase has been or where she's off to next.

  20. Kangkong!!! That's one of my favorites and even now that i'm here in the states, I still cook that often and I never get tired of it!

    Betchai, welcome to making paid and sponsored posts. Others do it, I do it, why can't you? I am glad you started doing paid posts lately! Keep it up! Very few people are like you.....with a generous and kind heart!!!

    Debbie :)

  21. Hi,

    Bumped into your site while googling for 'kangkong.' I'm also in San Diego but don't know where to find/buy this 'talbos.'

    I grow Malunggay just in case you want some; also sell the powder and gelatin capsules version.



  22. nice post. thanks.