Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Explore Clean, Green Switzerland

Fuldera, Switzerland
(photocredit: http://www.myswitzerland.com )
When I think of a vacation to Switzerland, I am thinking of hiking in the world famous Swiss Alps, shopping for world class fine watches, and experiencing a very clean and green environment. Notice from the picture above, how the climate in Switzerland can vary from glacial conditions in the mountaintops, to a more temperate and pleasant temperatures at lower elevation. It is a vacation where I can combine mountaineering, snowskiing and probably playing tennis and brushing elbows with my favorite tennis player, Roger Federer! Switzerland is so georgraphically diverse, I am sure I will enjoy hiking to their amazing waterfalls, climbing the rocky mountains, and taking a dip in their sandy beaches. It is a place I know I would still be very much with nature, and would love to experience nature's amazing beauty. Probably to enjoy most of what Switzerland offers, I would most likely plan my visit during spring.
Spring in Thurgau, Switzerland
(photocredit: http://www.myswitzerland.com )
I would love to enjoy and photograph a colorful landscape, wildflowers on the ground, blooming trees, lush green scenery against a snow capped mountain top. 
But Switzerland is not only known for its scenic beauty, the country also leads the world in terms of environmental performance. It is their clean and green measures that I really want to experience and learn from. Many of Switzerland's buildings and structures make use of energy-savings designs, and they put greater emphasis on climate change.  Here are some green ways a traveler and vacationer can experience sustainable Switzerland and why this country is known to be a green wonderland:
1. Accessible Train Travel
The most convenient form of transporation in Switzerland is by train. Minus thousands of gas guzzlers and smog spewing on the road, we can just imagine how cleaner the air would be. 
2. Bike friendly nation 
Just imagine how much we can take care of our health if instead of burning fuel and releasing obnoxious gases into the atmosphere, we burn our own energy instead by biking or walking? If we use bike and our feet to get to to some of our destination instead of driving gas guzzler cars sometimes even less than a mile, by all means, we are not only helping the environment, but also our physical health.
3. Green friendly hotel and resorts.
I am excited to be staying in a mountain resort in Switzerland where heating unit is not so much dependent on burning gases but on energy saving curtains that allows natural heating. Hotels and resorts in Switzerland make use of energy efficient devices and energy saving facilities. Switzerland  supports prosperity yet sustainable, a society that uses only 2000 watts of energy per person. Much of their waste is recycled.
4. Abundance of organic products
There are so many clean and green living that we can learn from Switzerland, and maybe practice what we would learn and experience from our trip to their country when we get back home. It must be a joy exploring the scenic beauty and the clean and green living of Switzerland.
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  1. I went there as a child and still remember how amazing the mountains were and how quaint the villages were. I loved it!

  2. I want to visit Switzerland one day! My sis had a working trip there one year but it was way too expensive for me to fly there and stay for like 5 days. That alone would come up to about 10k in our local currency.

  3. this reminded me of my trip to Switzerland in 2007. :)

    if i have a chance (if i win lottery,hehehe!) i will definitely visit the place again. ;)

  4. our friends from Switzerland just visited us few weeks ago, and they are inviting us to come in their place ;) well, so much to see in this world and Switzerland is one of my dream to see ;)

    i agree it's too expensive there, so we'll save first fot that trip ;)

  5. What a beautiful place! This would be a nice destination for vacation..

  6. Beautiful place betchai. I love the chocolate and the watches :)

  7. Sounds like Switzerland has a lot of good things to see and experience. I'd love to visit someday.

  8. such a neat and clean country!

    if you want to live longer life...you stay there. it's healthier than having the busy city life.

  9. Switzerland is indeed very beautiful. When I went, I stayed in Nyon on a family run farm, on a 18th century manor house, in a quiet farm setting environment. There was the beautiful mouintains all around, covered in snow and the lake was near. I walked everywhere too, and discovered many simple pleasures. Have a wonderful trip when you do go, and let us know how you get on and which part you stay. :)