Thursday, August 13, 2009

Explore Argentina

Patagonia, Argentina
 photo source: Explore
Argentina, so beautiful, isn't it? Argentina is known as the land of the "six continents", and also is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is so geographically diverse, one can spend a month of vacation here and still not be able to grasp all the beauty that it offers. From the inspiring beauty of its rainforest graced by exotic wildlife and plants, to the soul gratifying opera in Buenos Aires, to the inspiring music created by its numerous waterfalls, to the mountainous regions in Patagonia, definitely, Argentina is one of the places on Earth I know I must see while my feet are still strong to hike. I must take a long vacation here since I am afraid a month is not enough for me to see all its wonders. First in my list to see in Argentina is Patagonia, which I hope to trek someday.
To make the most of the trip in Argentina, I saw a comprehensive guide to Argentina travel, which gives thorough descriptions of the many places to see in Argentina. If one day I will visit Argentina, because of the diverse beauty the country offers, I will probably devote a region or two to make the most of my travel. But If I can take a longer vacation, maybe, it would be possible to explore more wonders that Argentina offers. Most probably, to help me out with planning for the trip, to avoid the many hassles of looking for Argentina Hotels, I will most likely search for the best Argentina Tours company, especially that I am not very familiar of the place and I need the best planning so that we can maximize our trip. 
Next to Patagonia, my visit to Argentina will not be complete if I won't be able to stop by the country's capital, Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is not only the capital city of Argentina, but also is one of the important cities in Latin America. The city's classic and European architecture makes the place really inspiring and romantic. Buenos Aires Hotels are not only beautiful in their structure, but also is world famous for quality foods and service. The city combines modern living and deep history.
Another stunning landscape filled with beautiful sceneries in Argentina is Bariloche. Tourists can take delight with the inspiring scenery at Bariloche, have some adventure fun in the skiing resorts and have a relaxing stay at Bariloche Hotel.
Argentina is full of wonders and surprises, definitely, not something to be missed. Argentina.......someday......I'll be there. 
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  1. Argentina brings to my mind the gauchos. Horse ranches. Another country I wish to visit.

  2. When you go to Argentina, can you take me? I'll fit in your suitcase!

    Such a beautiful country..

  3. This country is not really in my travel list yet but after reading your post, maybe after travelling to all the places we want to see first then this goes to the second consideration =)