Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boothbay Harbor Maine

Boothbay Harbor is a popular picturesque seaside tourist town in Maine. Boothbay Harbor is rich in history, and being the largest boat harbor North of Boston, there is just so much to see and do at Boothbay Harbor.
A visit to Boothbay Harbor Maine can include any of the following activities: boating, sailing, 
photo courtesy of Boothbay Harbor Maine
 fishing, hiking, golfing, playing tennis, exploring the peaceful and scenic coves, tidepooling in its rocky shores, or just simply be immersed with the richness of history and natural beauty of the region. There are numerous hiking trails with ocean views and Botanical Gardens for nature lovers. There are a wealth of sights to be discovered at Boothbay Harbor, the day rises with magnificent sunrise greeting the new day, and the day ends with amazing sunset colors, sunset colors that need to be seen to be believed, capturing hearts and taking away life's stresses. 
Though Boothbay Harbor Dining serves every taste and budget, but for sea food lovers, Boothbay Harbor is a paradise serving the freshest seafoods such as lobsters, mussels, clams, fish, definitely a place to enjoy not only fresh air, nature's beauty and salty seas, but also a place to enjoy succulent tasting seafoods.
photo courtesy of Boothbay Harbor Dining
 Boothbay Harbor has many bed and breakfast, inns, hotels with gorgeous waterfront view. 

spectacular view from Boothbay Harbor Hotel, photo courtesy of Boothbay Harbor Hotel
With Boothbay Harbor's inspiring natural beauty tucked in a scenic harbor that preserves history, it's no surprise for me why many artists are drawn to Boothbay Harbor. Definitely, a place not to be missed when you are visiting Maine and other places in the North East.
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  1. flower vase! kaso
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    padaan at pa promote...lapet ng kite awards...

  2. To have a delicious meal after a pleasant tour is so good.

    My heaven..

  3. Now you are more in my part of the world! I love Maine.

  4. I will have the Maine lobster! And they are really tasty!

  5. You are so lucky! You can visit to so many places. The lobster is so huge....arghh...I want one! LOL :D

  6. Seafood feast! That's the best in this kind of place. Celebrating anniversary will be great here =)

  7. Looks like a lot to do at Boothbay Harbor Maine! I would like to go tidepooling, hiking, and visit botanical gardens.

  8. heheh, nakita ni aj ang lobsters, sabi, mom, go up, go up!

  9. Boothbay Harbor has charm, a welcoming atmosphere and offer great culinary experiences.