Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taking My Chances on Melissa's Give Away Ring

I am taking a break from my nature escapades first, and allow some of you to take a glimpse into the other side of me when I am not hiking :) If I am not out in the trails, one of the simple joys I take delight is entertaining my femininity. Aside from gardening and taking delight with the blooms and blossoms around, I also love to "prettify" myself, well, just like most ladies. I think men sometimes don't understand it, but most of us women love to do it :)

When Melissa, of Melissa Jewelry and Gems, also the founder of our "Blogging for Fun" group, sponsored a contest for her 40th birthday on August 8, I got excited when I saw the prize.
Melissa's Give Away Ring 
( photo courtesy of Melissa)
On her birthday, Melissa will be giving away the above pretty hot pink tourmaline with white topaz ring. The ring is sterling silver, size 6 1/2 band ring. Each stone measures approximately 3 mm round, for a total of 1/3 carat. For more information about this ring, and how to enter the contest, please click here to visit Melissa's post about her birthday give-away.

I love pink, and the above ring I know will go perfectly with my other pink accessories, like this pink earring which by the way I also got from Melissa.
Melissa has a beautiful selection of jewelries that she herself made and you can visit Melissa's Jewelry and Gems site to check her other items and store. Even if you are a guy, someone in your family would enjoy "prettifying" themselves too :) . The contest is definitely not limited to females only for the ring would surely be a joyful gift.
Even though I know I may not win the above ring, but I am taking my chances to own it :) I hope you take your chance too, and join Melissa's 40th Birthday contest. To Melissa, I wish you an advance happy birthday.
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  1. Hi,Betchai! I'm giving you 3,000 EC credits for being my top commenter this month but I can't get your blog title right. I've sent credits to the rest of the winners but you. can you give me the blog title you registered at Entrecard? I've tried The Joys of Simple Life, Simple Joys In A Simple Life, etc but it won't appear.Thanks a lot.
    Melissa's giveaway sure looks nice!I'm excited!

  2. betchai! girl! yeah lets do it, prettify ourselves!...ha!ha!ha! hope you get it, girl!

  3. Great job betchai, thank you, and good luck

  4. would love to have that ring too, betchai! and oh, what a lovely pink earring you have there!

  5. I love diamonds :) Saw some really beautiful pieces from Tiffany's.

  6. Good luck, Betchai! Those are lovely items to own..

  7. Hi.I was blog hopping and found this awesome blog of yours..:) Hope to be back.

  8. It must be a wonderful ring, hope you enjoy yourself on the game.
    Goof luck!!

  9. thank you all :) yes, hope I win it :) haha! it is fun joining.

    @ Rochelle, thanks, I already put a title, it was my name in the title i did not notice :( thak you so much for bringing it up with me. You still can join Rochelle.

    @ Cher, you can join too, but Melissa is not shipping to Singapore I guess, but I believe you can use your Philippines address :)

    again, thanks all :)

  10. now i know this side of you betchai! I would have never thought seeing you all in action in your hikes =) I don't "prettify" myself only on special occasions but I have with me some girly jewelry collections =) Hmmm, maybe I should just put all those accessories online to sell since I'm not using any and haven't used some actually yet! haha!

    goodluck with the contest

  11. Betchai, I hope you win the ring. It's pretty and I love the design. :)