Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music For Inspiration

When I am at home, I usually listen to music. I love to fill the air in the house with soothing sound waves. I am not very up to date with latest pop music though since I mostly listen to smooth jazz and music from nature. Whenever I am cooking, doing laundry, cleaning the house or blogging, music entertains me. A lot of the times I multi-task, I guess that is one thing living in America has taught me :) . If we do things one at a time, it would be hard to finish the work in such a short time and we'll not end up having good dinner at the right time. I can go blog hopping while cooking :) . And what energizes me to do different tasks at one time is music. Actually, it is also hard for me to write without music. For some reason, my thoughts seem to flow better when there is music in my ears. Let me share this quote with you:
"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."  ~Berthold Auerbach

I find this very true, maybe it is the same reason why I love going to the ocean because of the music that the splashing waves bring. Whenever I was struggling before with a research proposal, I would go up the mountains and listen to the music of crickets and the flowing river. Letting my mind drift with their tunes, dusts that block my thought processes were swept off and as a result I can think clearly on potential research problems I can study. I would pick up my pen, and soon, the words just came flowing.

About three years ago, because of my love for fine music, we decided to buy a good quality home theater system and sounds. However, I always hesitate to spend so much, that we only bought a pair of tower speakers. They are excellent sound, but I know it would be better to have a surround and subwoofer as well. Now I am trying to search for additional speakers that won't be overly expensive anymore. I am glad to have come across this low price bookshelf speaker deal from The Speaker Company. I know my ears are very sensitive to scaterred sound, the speakers must be audibly correct. However, a lot of times, high quality, high performance speakers are also a pain in the budget. I would like to think that every penny we spent would yield our desired audible results. I am glad to know that The Speaker Company will allow us to return in 30 days if in case we are not satisfied with the audio results. For after all, buying speakers is not like buying computers. Speakers, unlike computers, can last a very long time with us, so, they must have to be right. 
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  1. Hi KimChai! i love music too! in fact, when i am at work, i make it a point to be listening to a current favorite song, i'd let my celphone play it over and over again he he he...while seeing patients, suturing wounds, delivering a baby, going room to room to check on sick people i let music accompany me and liven up everyone's day...i'm sort of a walking stereo at the hospital ha ha ha and guess what, people hearing it end up singing the song with me all the time..even the sick he he he...i believe it helps heal them...studies have proven that...on the sound of nature...haaaaayyyy nothing beats the singing of the birds and yah, the hum of the ocean and the wind caressing the leaves....

  2. I really , really love music...I cannot imagine life without it. Great that I'm also married to a are you na?

  3. i love music and i think music loves me too! =)

  4. Listening to classical music helps me to stay calm and be creative. Life can not be without music link Bingkee said..