Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Dream Hawaiian Vacation

Are you dreaming of a Hawaiian get-away? I do :) It seems the summer is so ideal for the sea, the surf and the sand. What luxury would it be to enjoy the beautiful sky, the golden sand, the blue ocean, the sunset, and that friendly and warm Hawaiian atmosphere? While I was making some plans for a nice Hawaii vacation someday, I came across this almost like a dream Maui Resort, which is nestled on eleven acres along Maui's renowned Kaanapali Beach. Kaanapali Beach is famous for its golden sands as far as your eyes can see.
What is great about this beach resort, is that it combines 2 things I love the most, hiking and the ocean! I won't miss the hiking trails in this beach vacation, and at the same time, I won't miss riding the waves! When I am on vacation, it is hard for me to simply just stay put in one place, even though I love the beach, but I do not see myself as lying down the beach whole day. I can wake up early for sunrise at the beach, ride the waves early in the morning, do some snorkeling, and go back to the beach late in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset. But during mid-day, I should have other things to do, in order for me to not get bored. And being able to hike and do some horse back riding in this resort is a great thing for me! And of course, the beautiful sights around would further make me occupied for all the wonderful photo opportunities I can find. To photograph some weddings by the ocean has been one of my goals, and who knows, I may just have my luck when I spend vacation there. Maui Resort in Kaanapali Beach specializes in Maui Weddings, and I will have greater chances of experiencing and hopefully photographing one, maybe it would be that of a friend. It is not a surprise for me to learn that this resort is famous for weddings, after learning that readers of the Maui News, a local community newspaper, have voted the resort's offerings "The Best Hawaiian Cuisine."
Other than hiking, horseback riding and the ocean, the resort also offers world-class golf, unique shopping, dozens of complimentary Hawaiian activities, and so much more.
Ahhh, now, can't wait when we'll get our tickets to Maui, Hawaii.

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  1. If you go, take me along with you! I'll fit right in your suitcase :-)

  2. I was in Maui in March on the Kanapauli Beach area. Such a gorgeous place. Be sure you visit the inactive volcano.

    And be sure to take lots of photos so I can relive my vacation there.

  3. I'll conquer Hawaii in the future! hahahah!

  4. I've always wanted to visit Hawaii! Gorgeous!